Pearls & Oysters 16

Kerstin & Eivor1

Some friends we have for a reason, Some we have for a season

Some friends we have for life.

When I was a young newlywed I moved with my husband to Chicago from California to help pursue his career. I gave up my own studies and took a job at the headquarters of a worldwide organization compiling a brochure which would now be done by computer.I hated it, and in the end found something much more suitable after only a couple of months. During that couple of months, though, I met three people who were to become friends and still are even though we don’t meet very often. Each one played a role in my life at different times. One friend who was living in Chicago but came from Germany I lost touch with for 15 or 20 years. We caught up with each other through the knitter’s website Ravelry. We now keep in touch via Facebook and it seems the intervening years never happened.

The second person I met came from Sweden. She returned there to live in Stockholm and when we moved to Sweden 4 years later, we stayed with her and her parents “adopted” us and treated us like family. We still communicate and have visited each other several times over the years. I look forward to her next visit.

The third person I kept in touch with through Christmas cards and then emails. We were able to meet once in New Jersey where she lived when I was travelling on the Easter Seaboard giving talks and Guild workshops to spinners and weavers. She paid a visit to Arran a few years ago and although we’ve lost touch for now, I’m sure we’ll catch up again at some point in the future, fill in the intervening years and carry on the connection.

That two months of doing something I hated opened doors that I had no idea were there and have given me valuable gifts in these friendships.

When I later worked in Craft Development on European exchange projects, the nature of that work, the common interest, long hours in unfamiliar environments created friendship which were instant, deep and often only for a “season”. At the moment I don’t have contact with any of the people who I worked with during those years. I do have many fond memories of ridiculous situations which included getting lost in the middle of Kuresaare on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia. It wasn’t a very big town but a) we couldn’t understand the street signs b) No-one spoke English c) The bank, etc. was closed because it was Saturday d) It was afternoon and snowing steadily so we had no North Star for guidance. In other words for the space of half an hour, nothing functioned for us. In the end someone suggested that we use our mobile phone, contact the college and ask someone to steer us back like some wayward vehicle that had taken the wrong road.

Experiences like that form bonds that run quite deep out of the usual daily routine. If nothing else I still remember the laughter that accompanied these escapades and kept us sane (somewhat).We learn from friends who we are, how we react to situations in our lives and that it’s OK to cry or laugh hysterically when things go horribly wrong. So for a reason, a season or a lifetime, friendship is one of the finest gifts we receive. As is the ability to cherish those memories and enjoy them all over again.

Iceland 21

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A mother and grandmother with over 40 years of experience in textile arts. Author of "Handweaving: the Basics" published by Bloomsbury UK. Available to purchase from

2 responses to “Pearls & Oysters 16

  1. Lynn! Such a moving post. I look in the mirror and see you and me walking along Sherman Avenue…
    Ganz lieben Dank!

  2. Or out at Barb’s with the winter sunshine…

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