Weaver’s Tale – 13



my personal view of Goatfell outside the back door.

The island is sparkling today. Hard to imagine the chaos of last week. I had a mini-bask in the sunshine outside at Duchess Court, the nearest thing we have to a shopping mall as I had a farewell lunch with Jill and the girls. They are now en route to the airport ready to fly home to Ireland and catch up with the activities of Agent 105, their resident hamster. With the help of Fern’s Dad, Agent 105 kept a diary and Fern’s Uncle Simon illustrated it for her 8th birthday.

You can find a copy on Lulu Marketplace. 

Look up Diary of a Hamster by Ramsay Stewart and read about the musings and amusings of this riveting rodent who is rotating in the footsteps (i.e. wheel tracks) of some other worthy diarists like Che and Ernesto and Jack “On the Road” Kerouac. Probably too much information for Fern at the moment but something to aspire to on her reading list…

We’ve had a great visit with lots of laughs and retelling of old family stories for the girls to hoard and build their own lives on. A walk up Glen Rosa and a guided tour  by Mum and Uncle Chris of Whiting Bay where we used to live were strong favourites among the activities that we managed to fit in to the visit. All of them feel that Arran is a compass point and a reference which they will always have available as they work out what is important for them. I’m going to make the effort once again to work on my own healing, knowing that I have given them a lifetime gift.

FAMILY APR 1ST1Chris, Fern, Jill & Blythe

It occurred to me that the difficult part of dealing with illness is the fact that you also have to take into consideration major life changes happening around you which in themselves are complicated enough. As I say good by to my offspring once again, I have to let them go and to realise that their comings and goings are a normal part of life, regardless of how I feel about it or how i feel about dealing with it. The best thing I can do for them and for me is to concentrate on my own healing, look forward to the next visit and not dwell on what isn’t.

This weekend we have an island treat in store as the Screen Machine arrives with the latest films. From the outside it looks like what it is, an articulated lorry which opens out into a movie theatre.  This weekend I will go with a friend to see the movie version of “Les Miserables” and relive the performance that Arran High School produced a few years ago when Simon designed the sets and worked on the lighting. There it is, that anchor again.


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Weaver’s Tale – 12


Mellow after Easter mood in the household. Everyone preoccupied with their e-gadget with occasional chat flowing round about. Just the way I like it….

Some photos from my friend Ute taken on a visit to Germany in 1971, just before everything changed, bringing back memories of little girls who have now reached adulthood, heading for the age their parents are now. These memories are precious, especially since they represent a  new layer of friendship after many years of lost connections.

Lynn - Visit 1971IMG_9431 Anne and Jillian

Coincidentally on my Facebook page today

“Sometimes you have to move on without certain people. If they’re meant to be in your life, they’ll catch up.”


Yesterday was a very special day for me. As well as having all but one of my offspring here (and he has just visited us virtually) I managed to walk  the short distance to the Auchrannie swimming pool and for the first time in over two years move around in the water for twenty minutes or so. What an experience and feeling of achievement.

Swimming has always been one of the joys of my life, ever since I got over the fear inspired in my by a bad-tempered teacher in Scotland at age 11.  My best memories of swimming were up in the mountains in California where the water was icy, but getting dry was almost instant.

“The Lake” was Folsom Lake near where we grew up in Fair Oaks. They joy of swimming was  enhanced by the social life and hanging out “Grease” style, all part of the summer experience.

There used to be a spot at the South End of Whiting Bay where the Arran water was warmed up by a current that could be counted on in August. After the initial plunge, the water felt warm enough combined with a vigorous swim to be able to stay in the water for a while. It was worth the feeling of exhiliration and doubled the pleasure of the after-swim coffee. Apart from a holiday in Greece, all my swimming has been done either in the Auchrannie Bay or trying to right a capsized dinghy in Lamlash Bay. I have all the memories and now the ability is slowly creeping back. What a joy!

We promised ourselves a LEGO sort out when we got together. I’ve promised not to tell which one is doing the sorting, just to mention that there are many play hours to be counted in that rattling sound, and shouts of triumph when the lost piece is found.

Hey – it’s MY turn!!


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