New Directions – 16

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I read this lovely book by Sarah Ban Breathnach a few years ago and while I loved the book, I loved the title even more. This past week has been one of romancing the ordinary and appreciating what is good in my life. Alison came as usual on Monday and left my flat sparkling, doing the housework that I can’t manage myself yet. As usual we laughed a lot and caught up with all the gossip.  Every fortnight we have lunch served in the communal lounge here. This week I went along to catch up with my neighbours and some more goss. Who says you don’t know what’s going on just because you live alone and can’t get around too much!

My health challenge for the week was to get used to taking a daily dose of insulin, but I feel so much better as sugar levels drop and so lucky that we have those medications so available and convenient. The district nurses have been wonderful in helping me get used to the procedures, one more chain of support from our medical team on the island. It’s amazing the misconceptions people have about diabetes, when in fact it’s a manageable condition from day 1. I grew up with it in my family, but it was talked about in hushed tones and never openly acknowledged. Not any more.

On Wednesday I started a new Meditation Through Writing course. Once a month we will have face to face practice and the rest of the month will be materials delivered on-line and an online forum to discuss issues that come up as we go along. I’ve somehow always been involved in meditation and yoga – probably as an extension of the prayer which was such a strong part of my upbringing and now I have the luxury of having TIME to meditate and write. It is really exciting.

I’d forgotten that when you embark on an intensive period of meditation or prayer challenges  come up in the form of old feelings and experiences that you’ve locked inside rather than examine and until you let these go, they will always be a burden. It always amazes me the relationship between the body and spirit that comes into play when you stop long enough and listen to yourself.

In case you think I’m getting too serious I should mention that meditation was followed by lemon drizzle cake baked by George, a young man with definite culinary potential.

Thursday was a day for getting together with “The Girls” – average age ca. 60. We had lunch at the Wineport, much to be recommended and then a spot of retail therapy at the Pooch Boutique just in behind the bistro where I bought a beautifully crafted local pot to celebrate feeling better and starting in new directions. Continuing the theme of the ordinary I invested in some bamboo to make a tepee for my sweet peas (it’s been too wet and dreary to mount them, but there’s still time…..). Peanuts for the birds, a get well card for a dear neighbour and friend and some aromatherapy oil and I was sorted.

The week ended with a foray into pale “Lilac Longing” coloured nail shellac topped with sparkly “Silver V.I.P.” I may have mentioned it a time or two but I can never get enough lilac, so every little bit helps. Lynn comes to me for the treatment which means I can go straight for a nap when she’s finished…

“Do I ever get bored living alone in sheltered housing?” I don’t think so.


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2 responses to “New Directions – 16

  1. Gosh, if I am not mistaken this was quite a busy week. Venturing out quite a bit too. Steps in the right direction me thinks. Xx

  2. Yep. Now I just have to visualise those steps as being physical and we’re there. xx

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