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I went out the other day to take photos of a spectacularly red azalea in the garden. As I got closer to the flowers, I realised that there were lots of yellow bumble bees collecting nectar and making the most amazing buzzing sound as they worked. They wouldn’t stay still for me to film them and you can’t see them in the finished photos, but they were definitely there, ignoring me as they went about their work.

Looking across the garden there was no evidence of a noisy buzzing reality, Up close, it was a different story. It’s like so many things that happen in spite of us like the honey from those bees. In some ways it’s good as it takes the pressure off us on a daily basis, but its important not to lose contact with our world and make sure we are contributing to the development of our earth, rather than its destruction. Another example of change is the logging of trees on various parts of the island, conifers which were planted after the war in order to provide a quick supply of wood. This backfired because the indigenous  trees and life on the forest floor were smothered by the conifers. Now they have all been cut down and you could really see the difference on the hill over to Brodick which was shimmering green with new growth.

I’m still in favour of a balance in everyday life and I’m happy to take advantage of which is being looked after even when I rest. I’ve opened an shop to sell our digital patterns from the Arran Knitting Company. You can visit the shop and purchase the patterns through etsy using Paypal. For the time being they are available on our website for The Arran Knitting Company.

My book Handweaving: The Basics is now available through and will be available on in June. All in all, I’m happy to leave the distribution of my products and the development of my environment to other responsible people. This lets me be creative and develop new ideas, bearing in mind St. Paul who said “Faith is the subject of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen”.  



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Acceptance is the understanding that things do not work out according to the picture that we plan and prioritise.

Things work out according to the purpose of Spirit.

We see the pattern, but we do not know the outcome. Nevertheless, we have to accept this fact and live our lives in the belief that we should seek to follow our path, one step at a time, praying and asking for guidance as we go.

One of the features of long term illness is finding the strength to accept that things have changed and I no longer am able to do things which I took for granted before.

Acceptance is realising that I can still do things within new boundaries and that this opens the way for my creative spirit to develop and grow despite limitations.

Itʼs not only long term illness that forces us to look again at what is important. For example,  it may be that we have an addictive personality or a long term situation that we canʼt change. Again we have to accept the way things are and not the way we would like them to be.

We are so fortunate in this situation because we can develop and grow and we know that the spirit is there to guide us, to show us the way that we should be going and bringing the people into our lives who understand our dilemma and can offer support as well.

You may have seen our website for the Arran Knitting Company  where we have patterns for sale which Iʼve developed over the years, taking traditional island designs and reworking them into more contemporary styles and techniques.

For some time Iʼve been thinking about selling the patterns on Etsy because we need to be able to have an automatic procedure for sending them out. Itʼs a classic that we get an order the night before I have to go into hospital and although I can process the sale manually, there may come a time when I canʼt.

So Etsy it is. Iʼm enjoying setting up the pages and seeing how it works and learning something new while I fight off despair about the things I canʼt do now.

You can check out my efforts on Arran Knitting Company  on Etsy and perhaps feel inspired to get those knitting needles out and try out a new pattern.

Knitting is easy to learn and gives our thoughts another direction much more positive than what we canʼt do.

The essence of acceptance.


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