Fleeting Visits

I’ve spent the last few days visiting the liver clinic in Edinburgh and receiving treatment locally at the Arran Hospital. I feel enormous gratitude for the care I have been given and I have come home 15 liters/15 kilos lighter than when I went with two units of blood from a donor. I can’t thank everyone enough. The NHS needs our full support especially in this time of political reevaluation and setting priorities. We are so lucky to have access to the best.Speaking of politics, it is certainly a time in history to mark the fact that the leader of all three major political parties in Scotland are women. Another first!

Chris & Louisa’s visit flew past and I’m so glad I had so much time with them given all they had to achieve in a short time. She confirmed what I say about the NHS and found her time here invaluable as she contacted the policy makers and practitioners in her field of Genetics. They are packing up to go home, but I know they are well and send them off with blessings.

Only a week until Jill and the girls arrive for a catch up visit. I can’t wait, though the girls will be disappointed that Bilsland’s cafe has closed down. The seafront at Brodick will have a new look by next summer, so hopefully someone will keep the cappuchinos and hot chocolates as a priority.

The air is definitely cooling down and the leaves are changing daily. I like this time of year as we cuddle down and keep warm and prepare for a New Year. In many ways these autumn months feel like a new beginning. I especially feel this in November.

In between hospital visits, life is about celebrating the “ordinary”. My celebration was to buy a new Gudrun Sjøden blouse and her signature trousers which are like the clothes I used to wear in Sweden. Her things are expensive but I LOVE them, her enviormental and fair trade approach to textile production and most of all her lovely designs which are based on nature. Simple Pleasures!


Gudrun Sjøden


The Red Baroness Strikes Again

Red Baroness

The Red Baroness

This week’s choice of nail polish from Lynn at Arran Tip to Toe is called Red Baroness. A friend responded to this information by sending the above illustration making me laugh and giving me a new adventurous alter ego and a thoughtful way of of weeks of writer’s blog block, following publication and distribution of my Handweaving Book.

So here I am again, none the worse for my spiritual journey through the creative void and ready to start writing the next right sentence. There are times in every creative venture when we must stand back and “let things happen” and stop trying to control every move. This is certainly true of the Red Baroness coming into my life making me laugh and dream, if not of airplanes, of what I CAN do in my new health situation.

This campaign is aided by my new Kindle which I love after holding out for “real” books until I realised that Kindle books are cheaper but most important take up no storage space to speak of and don’t require dusting. It also means I can download books for the inevitable times in hospital.

This week included a trip to the Liver Transplant Clinic in Edinburgh for a reality check I was pronouced “stable”, i.e. coping with things physically on a daily basis.

What more can we ask for? The best part of that visit was that my son Chris could come with me as he and his wife are living in Edinburgh for a few weeks while Louisa becomes familiar with practice in  Scotland in her field of genetics.

It was great to have Chris there. He listened to what was being said between me and the consultant and then the doctor asked him if he had any questions. He asked two “straight to the heart of the matter” questions that I have taken for granted and realised that I wanted the answer.

I’m looking forward to a visit from them today and over the weekend and catching up some more on what they’re up to.

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