I can’t not post about Trump. He already has removed all mention of climate change from the White House website on the grounds that it doesn’t exist. OK – because I moved back to Scotland after spending my teenage years in California I didn’t have to face the dilemma of who I would vote for, though I could have registered as an American citizen to state my opinion.

I can’t make any blanket statements about how America is going to be great again – I always thought America was great even if I wanted to live in Scotland more. There are many examples of immigrants to America who succeeded beyond belief, like Andrew Carnegie and John Muir, and there has always been latent hostility towards women and their wonderful bodies who bear the children in that society and are not really treated with the respect that they deserve.

I’m so very proud to be Scottish and I was proud to be an American immigrant, but I can’t accept that being of Scottish heritage would justify anything but consideration for people and their right to education, health care or a safe clean environment.

I’m also very proud of my oldest son who marched in D.C. yesterday and represented all the women in our family who couldn’t be there, proud of all the women who made their presence known and questioned the basic assumptions of this new government. I’m writing today to state my opinion because I couldn’t be there yesterday. And I do wish Mr. Trump success because he is the elected president, and as the saying goes, “I wouldn’t want him to crash the airship we’re all riding in.”

In my case, I believe in a Higher Power and that the future of our world does not rest with one individual and that Mr. Trump will realise that it’s not ultimately in his hands.



Love & support in action in Denver yesterday

Silverbirch Magic

As part of the Rewild Challenge (www. spent half an hour outside today in the sparkling sunshine. It was cold, but not so cold that I couldn’t sit outside in the garden for a while and soak up that glorious weather.

The task for the day was to breathe with the trees and realise that mutual dependence where we give carbon dioxide to them and they give oxygen to us. My exchange with the trees in my garden was magical – they are so beautiful; they have an energy that makes it easy to understand why they are one of the most important trees in the Celtic tree alphabet. I used their leaves carefully to make the most beautiful yellow dye for wool; the smell from the dyepot filled the workshop with the most amazing heady scent.

Today is Day 21 of the Rewild Challenge which has taken me outside every day for half an hour regardless of the weather – some days longer than that. It is the second time I’ve done the 30-day programme, the last time a couple of years ago in October.

It hasn’t been so easy this time to be as physical as before, but reading the activities and the philosophy behind the challenge, I realise that the very reason  I left Stockholm and moved to Arran 40 years ago was so that I could rewild my whole life on an everyday basis, climbing the mountains on Arran, sometimes with a baby in the carrier; growing vegetables and herbs for healing; making yoghurt and soft cheese; catching mackerel – or at least sitting in the boat and trying to catch mackerel while everyone else filled their lines; living without a car and cycling everywhere, learning to sail and most of all by setting up my spinning and weaving workshop – very appropriately called Silverbirch and learning what was possible to achieve in the rural economy and what was too idealistic.

I am more physically limited now than previously, but my spirit is still wild. More to the point my children have an appreciation of the importance of carrying on these ideas. My youngest son is planning to set up a forest garden – my spirit will be with him all the way.


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