Honouring my Inner Child

My living room is twice as sunny with the new door (photos soon). Today is one of those absolutely perfect autumn days, coincidentally the birthday of my youngest son.

I’m still giggling after a coffee hour this morning with four members of the Brodick Nursery (age 4) who are joining us for the next six Fridays in a sort of intergenerational session based on the recent Channel 4 programme. The chat round the table was relaxed as we all decorated funky figures which were then folded into cress planters and now stand proudly on the window sill. Watch this space! Full marks to Ann, Bobbi & Lorraine for bringing the children round on this stunning day and we all agreed we look forward to next week. I may ask for some help with a tabletop Duplo next week as it was a tad impossible for me to crawl around the floor.

Other news from Glen Estate was the very welcome news that the Lottery has awarded the Tenants’ Association a grant of £10,000 towards “Learning and Laughter at Glen Estate” a year-long programme for pleasure and learning new skills which are designed to combat Alzheimers and break isolation in older people in the community. Sometimes it is really worth slogging through the application process and finding the right words to explain what you want to do.

All this makes being housebound fairly bearable though I am looking forward to next week when I have a go at walking with a stick. (the practice went OK) and finally get out to walk my new garden path and plan which pots are going where. Thanks to Gavin for making this possible. Even the thought of it lifts my spirits.



Permission to Underwhelm

Of course, being me, I would bring home a tummy bug from the hospital to complicate recovery and give me something else to think about apart from leg exercises.

In the typical spirit of ‘why me’? I’ve been asking in my prayers for understanding of why I have to take a tummy bug on board along with everything else.

Of course, the answer has been staring me in the face waiting for me to catch on that it’s OK now and then to slow down completely and just be overwhelmed. That unexpected trip to hospital with a broken hip was not in the ‘recovery from liver transplant’ programme. More like ten hurpling steps backward and a regroup and  a recognition that I was overwhelmed by the whole experience on top of the transplant recovery.

I am asking for permission to be underwhelmed for a while and just live my daily life celebrating the ordinary and gradually healing back to myself again. With the sun shining in my new door and the red chrysanthemums blowing in the breeze outside it’s not a big ask.

This year the Liver Transplant Unit in Edinburgh is celebrating 25 years in existence. They’re having a party which I won’t manage, but you can send a donation to their work to: Scottish Liver Transplant Unit, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, 51 Little France Crescent, Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh EH16 4SA.

My life is testimony that it is money well spent.


Starting Again


My recent hip fracture in the midst of my recovery from my liver transplant has reminded me again that I’m not in charge and that I need to listen in prayer much more than I speak.  It’s working.

I was baptized in the Church of Scotland at 2 months old and ever since Christianity has been a focus of how I chose to live my life. I’ve had my times of doubt and skepticism, especially with two failed marriages, when I thought I’d followed the ‘rules’ and struggles with alcoholism which destroyed my liver.

God’s hand has always been guiding me and supporting me and now at the age of 71 with a liver transplant, I once again find myself full of gratitude and excitement as another chapter in my life unfolds.

I have just discovered Two-Way Prayer recently thanks to my friend Phil who came back into my life four years ago through a school reunion. We hadn’t communicated for 50 years and after a few emails realized that our spiritual paths had followed the same basic journey although we had not been in touch.

Phil introduced me to the concept of Two-Way Prayer and the power of listening for an answer in the midst of daily chaos. I am new at the practice but find each day that it makes my life worthwhile and has become an important part of my daily prayers & meditations.

I live on Arran, an island in the southwest of Scotland where we are fortunate enough to have 4 AA meetings every week and this welcome discovery of Two-Way prayer and contact with friends in Texas is something to be very grateful for. And I am.

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